Certain foods are beneficial to your enamel
Strong enamel leads to a healthy and beautiful smile

Top 10 Enamel Boosting Foods

Your enamel acts as a protective shield for the rest of your tooth, and is the surface exposed to all the food and drink you consume | Irvine Dentist Neda Khodai, Barranca Dental - An Irvine Tradition of Dental Excellence

Your tooth enamel is one of the most important substances in your mouth. Tooth enamel, dentin, cementum, and dental pulp are the four main components of your teeth. Your enamel acts as a protective shield for the rest of your tooth, and is the surface exposed to all the food and drink you consume. Enamel is also the most visible component of your teeth, and is the reason your smile is a brilliant shine. Cavities and staining are the main enemies of your enamel, but certain foods and drinks have been scientifically proven to help boost your enamel. Strong enamel reduces the risk of needing non-regular dental procedures, and improves your overall health. This week we’ve compiled a list of some of the best foods and drinks for keeping your enamel strong and healthy.

1) Milk and Dairy Products

A classic example of teeth strengthening foods, dairy products are high in calcium and rich in phosphorous. These two key components help to protect your enamel and even rebuild it. Dairy products will help your mouth to fight against bacteria and maintain the pH level. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are all great foods to help your enamel. If you are lactose intolerant, consider alternative products such as vitamin enriched soymilk.

2) Tea

We told you that tea is one of the top teeth staining foods, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for your enamel. High in antioxidants and fluoride, tea is an ancient benefit to your dental health. Tea can help fight of plaque, gum diseases, and even bad breath.

3) Strawberries

Like tea, strawberries are high in antioxidants. They also contain large amounts of beneficial vitamins, such as vitamin C. When eaten as part of a proper diet, strawberries have the added benefit of helping to keep your teeth white due to their natural acids.

4) Celery

Celery has a high water and high fiber content, both of which are beneficial to your teeth. Chewing celery will help clean and protect your teeth as it rubs against the surface of your teeth and gums. The high water content helps to rinse your teeth clean, reducing their exposure to dangerous sugars or other substances.

5) Meat (and Tofu)

Beef and chicken contain a lot of beneficial substances, especially phosphorus. Phosphorus is part of the cycle of building bones and enamel. While Tofu isn’t the same as having a steak, it does contain a fairly large amount of protein and other beneficial vitamins.

6) Parsley

This small herb has been used for centuries to help dental health, and for good reason. It has strong anti-bacterial properties, which helps fight off cavities, bad breath, gum diseases, and other dental problems. Consider chewing on parsley after your next meal for a natural cleaner and enamel builder.

7) Water

Water is one of the most basic building blocks of your body, and regular consumption of plain water has numerous health benefits. It is also one of the best dental tools available. Water cleans your teeth and helps remove harmful bacteria, before they have a chance to damage your enamel. Drinking water after your meals or after consuming sugary drinks will help keep your smile intact and bright.

8) Broccoli

Like celery, broccoli is great for its high water content and fibrous nature. Its natural brush shape will help clean teeth while you chew, fighting off bacteria and sugars. More importantly, broccoli is high in vitamin K, which will help your body build bones and tooth enamel.

9) Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds have been cultivated for over 5,000 years. Their high content of furofuran lignans gives sesame seeds and oil great antioxidant properties, keeping your body and mouth healthy. They are also extremely high in calcium, an extremely beneficial element, especially for your enamel.

10) Eggs

Eggs are high in vitamins D and K, both components in bone and enamel building. Vitamin D is especially critical, as it helps the body regulate the production of tooth enamel. Eggs have been shown to have a number of other health benefits, and a healthy body helps a healthy smile!

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