Teeth Cleanings are a great gift
Keep your mom's smile bright this Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Dental Cleaning Coupon

Dental Cleanings are a great gift that helps your mother's health | Irvine Dentist Neda Khodai, Barranca Dental - An Irvine Tradition of Dental Excellence

Moms are great. They rasied us, clothed us, fed us, and made sure we brushed our teeth. Thanks to your mom’s great work, you now have solid dental habits with great oral hygiene and a shining smile, so isn’t it time to repay the favor? Instead of getting your mother some flowers or another useless kitchen gadget, consider giving her a homemade coupon for a free teeth cleaning at Barranca Dental!

Teeth Cleanings Are Good For Your Health

We recently wrote an article on teeth cleanings reducing the chances for heart attack and stroke, but that’s not the only health benefit of a teeth cleaning. Getting your teeth cleaned at regular intervals (usually six months) can prevent many types of gum diseases, which lowers your risk for chronic kidney disease and other ailments. Expectant mothers should know that they are more susceptible to gingivitis while pregnant, and that gum disease can lead to premature birth.

Help Fight Cancer

Statistics from The Oral Cancer Foundation show that every hour in the United States someone dies from oral cancer. During a dental cleaning you are screened for oral cancer, and if diagnosed early has one of the highest chances for recovery.

Keep Your Teeth

Teeth cleanings can help your mom keep all her natural teeth. Losing teeth can lead to many health complications, and regular dental cleanings can help ensure that her smile stays natural and bright. Tooth loss can cause a reduction in jawbone mass, which can detract from her good looks and cause chewing problems. Chewing with natural teeth isn’t just better, it’s better for your health also.

Keep a Bright Smile

During a regular dental cleaning, a hygienist can remove most coffee, tobacco, or tea stains. Afterwards, your teeth are buffed and polished to a bright shine. Mother’s day should already be an excuse for your mother to smile, so help her make sure it is as bright and beautiful as it can be!

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