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Lasers aren’t just in sci-fi movies or torture devices for cats, they are revolutionizing the way we interact the world. From measuring stellar distances to playing a movie on a DVD, lasers use light to perform complex and sensitive tasks. “So why aren’t they being used for medicine?” you may ask. They are, and lasers are enabling doctors to perform complex operations more easily and safer than ever. Laser dentistry is used for more procedures every year, but for now we’ll keep it simple and take a look at how Irvine and San Clemente Dentist Dr. Neda Khodai uses the Picasso Dental Laser is used to keep your teeth cleaner than ever.

The Old Way

Conventional dental cleanings usually start with using a metal probe to scrape and lightly cut the tooth, which typically also damages the gum tissue surrounding your teeth. While these cuts are avoided as much as possible, they are unavoidable. The damage to your gums doesn’t just hurt, it can allow bacteria from your teeth, residue from food, or other substances into your blood stream. Despite the best effort of your dentist, these can lead to infections or even illness.

Laser Perfection

Laser cleaning doesn’t just avoid those problems, it improves upon the entire procedure. Rather than scraping your enamel with a probe, your dentist uses a state-of-the-art laser to clean the surface of your teeth, while simultaneously killing harmful bacteria and organisms on your tooth and surrounding gums. Best of all, the entire process is entirely pain-free.

After the surface of your teeth have been honed to laser-perfection, your plaque is blasted away by an Ultrasonic Scaler. This tool uses powerful sound waves to clean and shine your teeth. Following your ultrasonic cleaning, your teeth are rinsed with a concentrated spray of salt water, promoting healing and leaving your teeth feeling great.

Patient Friendly

The entire process wasn’t just revamped to make your teeth cleaner and healthier than ever, it was designed just for you. Lasers and ultrasonic tools are far more comfortable than metal probes and drills, and natural cleaning solutions don’t leave you tasting chemicals for the afternoon. Many patients who typically suffer from dental anxiety or phobia find that cleanings or procedures performed with a Picasso Dental Laser are stress-free, a minor inconvenience at worst.

Even patients who do not typically suffer from dental anxiety find procedures performed with a dental laser far superior. By eliminating cuts, most blood, and pain while at the same time offering revolutionary sterilization and precision, dental lasers are here to stay.

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