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Zoom! Teeth Whitening is great for restoring your smile, but what can you do between visits? Whitening toothpastes are a good first step, and so is your diet. A lot of people know that coffee and cigarettes can stain your teeth, but so can regular foods (even healthy ones). In no particular order, we’ve put together a list of some common foods that can stain your teeth. While you can avoid these foods, in general their damaging effects can be avoided. We’ve also included some tips in each entry on how to avoid their staining powers.

1) Grape and Pomegranate Juice

Both of these drinks are very healthy for you. Pomegranate juice has even been associated with reducing heart disease! Unfortunately, they can also stain your teeth, so try to use a straw or follow-up with some water.

2) Licorice and Hard Candies

Hard candies don’t just chip your teeth, they can also stain them. This is due to having them in your mouth for extended periods of time, letting their dyes soak in. The best tip for these is to avoid them in general.

3) Raspberries, Cranberries, Blueberries, etc.

Fruits are great to eat. They extend your life, keep you fit, and taste delicious! Sadly, their natural goodness can also stain your teeth. Try drinking water or having an apple afterwards when eating fruits to keep your teeth shining.

4) Soda, Coke, Pop, etc.

We have talked a lot about soda in the past. It’s bad for you and bad for your teeth. Soda doesn’t just lead to cavities, it can lead to stained teeth. If you are indulging, try using a straw or rinsing with water.

5) Mushrooms

Another very healthy entry. Lots of people love mushrooms, but due to several natural pigments they can stain your teeth. Just make sure to brush your teeth and you should be fine. If you are planning a meal around mushrooms, include some celery or lettuce. These vegetables can help clean your teeth with their high water content.

6) Coffee and Dark Teas

Coffee is one of the leading culprits in the world for teeth staining. It is also one of the most consumed beverages! Straws are an option and so is rinsing with room temperature water. Do not use cold water, it can cause your teeth to crack!

Teas can be quite healthy for you, especially the teeth staining green and black tea. Again, follow up with some room temperature water a few minutes after you finish.

7) Red/Dark Wines

Red wine may be able to extend your life and save your heart, but it will definitely stain your teeth. Eating cheese while drinking red wine will help fight the stains, and also taste great. If cheese is not an option, some water or brushing afterwards will work well.

8) Dark Sauces

Sauces make food taste great, but their sticky nature and (often) high sugar content can be a nightmare for your teeth. For Asian sauces, keep some white rice to the side to clean your teeth with. European sauces can be dealt with some carrots, celery, or lettuce/spinach. A tortilla can help with anything of a Latin variety.

9) Red Meat

Red meat can stain your teeth due to a variety of factors. Worst of all, it is frequently paired with mushrooms and red wine. The vegetables mentioned earlier can help, and so does having a glass of water.

10) Fruit Roll-Ups/Fruit Leathers

These popular snacks can sometimes be healthy for you, but their sticky nature can discolor your teeth. Water, tooth brushing, sugarless gum, or an apple are all great ways to clean up afterwards.

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