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Your dentist is highly trained and dedicated to your dental health, but for the best care possible it is a process of communication between you and your dentist. While it may make sense to point out common problems such as “my tooth hurts here”, there is a lot more you should be discussing. This week we discuss some of the most frequent questions that have been proven to increase your dental and physical health.

1) What can I do to help improve my dental health?

Everybody has a unique oral history, and it may be necessary for you to do more than the commonly required daily routine of brushing and flossing. Your dentist is eager to tell you about if you need to use a specialized toothbrush or demonstrate flossing techniques. You may require additional cleanings or other specialized procedures. Never feel embarrassed or rude asking your dentist what else you can do to improve your smile, they are eager to share. Best of all, your dentist may have information about newly released dental products, and possibly even free samples to try.

2) What can you do to improve my dental health?

As much as they try, your dentist does not possess super powers with the ability to read your mind. To provide you with the best care possible, talk to your dentist about any pains, discomforts, or problems you are experiencing, no matter how minor you think they are. Your dentist can create a plan to improve your dental health, such as providing night guards or other specialized solutions. By letting your dentist know you want the best oral health possible, you are taking an active role in preventing bigger problems from occurring later on.

3) What is the status of my overall dental health?

While your dentist will talk about your dental health during your exams, they are more than happy to give you a general overview of your overall condition if requested. Even if there is nothing wrong, your dentist can give you tips for maintaining a healthy smile. If your dentist believes there may be something wrong, they can begin discussing treatment options with you.

4) Do I need to tell my family doctor anything?

A large variety of health problems can start in your mouth. Changes to your oral health are indicative of certain medical conditions, such as a vitamin deficiency or even osteoporosis. Your periodontal (gum) health can be a warning sign to diabetes. While most dentists will let you know of these problems if they notice them, it doesn’t hurt to ask if you think there may be larger health issues connected to your oral health. Your dentist will let you know of anything serious that needs to be brought your regular doctor’s attention.

5) Do you need to know anything from my family doctor?

It is important to keep your dentist informed of any changes to your health or medications. This information will ensure that you receive the proper treatment and diagnoses from your dentist.

When bringing your children, keep these additional questions in mind.

What foods and drinks should my child be consuming?
Are there any problems with my child’s teeth development?
Is there anything I should be doing to avoid orthodontics when my child is older?
How can I make sure my child’s teeth are kept clean?
What advice can you give me to ensure my child brushes their teeth?
How do I make sure my child isn’t afraid of coming to the dentist?

If you have an upcoming procedure, go over this checklist:

Are there any side effects?
How long will it take?
Will I be able to work afterwards?
Do I need a friend to drive me home?
Do I need to be sedated?
Are there alternative treatments? Why are you recommending this treatment?
Do I need to brush or floss differently?
Are there any follow-up appointments or procedures necessary?
Do you want to take before and after photos?

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