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Chewing Gum which bears the ADA Seal has been proven to help your smile, and more recently it has been shown to have beneficial effects on your mind as well. Many people may think of candy when they think of chewing gum, but gum which has been approved by the ADA has been shown in scientific studies to protect and help your teeth.

How does gum work to help your teeth?

When you chew gum, the physical motions will cause an increase in the production of saliva. This increase works to wash acids produced by bacteria off and away from your teeth, acids which over time can work to break down enamel and assist in tooth decay. Saliva also brings beneficial minerals such as calcium as well as other elements like phosphate to your teeth, which will work to strengthen the enamel. Studies have been performed which demonstrate that the activity of chewing sugarless ADA approved gum for 20 minutes after eating will help prevent tooth decay.

Does this mean I can stop brushing or flossing?

Unfortunately, no. Gum works along side these proven methods of dental hygiene, improving their efficiency, but is still not a replacement for either. The best way to ensure your dental health is brushing two times daily using a toothpaste with fluoride, as well as flossing. These two steps are crucial in cleaning plaque from your mouth.

Why sugar-less, ADA approved gum?

Companies with the ADA seal on their product have proven through scientific studies that their gum works to help your teeth, and is safe to the delicate tissue in your mouth. So far, only gum that is sugar-less has been awarded the ADA seal. Just because they are sugar-less doesn’t mean they aren’t sweet though. A variety of ADA approved products contain other sweeteners to retain a great taste. Sugar is used by bacteria to create acid which increases the rate of decay in your teeth.

Also helps your mind

Recent studies by psychologists at St. Lawrence University have shown that chewing gum increases test performance in students more than any other aid, including caffeine. Not only did it reduce stress and increase concentration, gum also promotes a drug-free method of reducing fatigue and invigorating its chewer.

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